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If you want a web site, you will need web hosting. Basically, web hosting provides a way for people to access your web site through the internet. Without it, there would be no way for people to see the page.
To Understand Web Hosting, You Need To Know What Web Page Is
A web page is, simply put, a file. When you or your designer builds a web page, you or us save it as a file on a computer. If the file remains on your computer, the only way anyone will see if is if they're snooping around a bit.
So, in order to get the web page - a file - visible on the internet, you need to rent some space on a computer that specializes in serving files out across the internet to "host" your web page for you.
How Does a Web Site Get From My Computer to a Web Host?
There are several different tools you can use to get your web site files from your computer to a web host. The most commonly use is FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol. There is a very good free FTP program called FileZilla, which you can download at . RamaHost will supply you with a server name, username and password which you input into the program to gain access.
Once you're set up, you can use the FTP program to "upload" files from your computer to the web host. Most FTP programs work with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
Package specifications
RH1000 RH3000 RH5000 RH7000
Disk Space (MB)
1000 3000 5000 7000
Bandwidth MB/month
10000 30000 50000 70000
POP3 Accounts
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP/ Subdomains
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mysql Accounts
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
420 EGP 710 EGP 1270 EGP 1780 EGP
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