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Linux web hosting



$85 / Year
  • cpanel
  • Disk Space: 3000 MB
  • Bandwidth Trasfer: 30 GB
  • POP3 Accounts: Unlimited
  • FTP/ Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Mysql Accounts: Unlimited
  • Domain / Year: 15 USD


$145 / Year
  • cpanel
  • Disk Space: 5000 MB
  • Bandwidth MB/month: 50 GB
  • POP3 Accounts: Unlimited
  • FTP/ Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Mysql Accounts: Unlimited
  • Domain / Year: 15 USD


$195 / Year
  • cpanel
  • Disk Space: 7000 MB
  • Bandwidth MB/month: 70 GB
  • POP3 Accounts: Unlimited
  • FTP/ Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Mysql Accounts: Unlimited
  • Domain / Year: 15 USD


$275 / Year
  • cpanel
  • Disk Space: 10000 MB
  • Bandwidth MB/month: 100 GB
  • POP3 Accounts: Unlimited
  • FTP/ Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Mysql Accounts: Unlimited
  • Domain / Year: 15 USD

All Accounts includes

  • 24x7 support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Control Panel 10.8.2-STABLE-120
  • Apache version 1.3.36 (Unix)
  • MySQL version 4.1.19-standard)
  • PHP 7
  • PERL version 5.8.7
  • Mailing list
  • Catch All
  • Spam Assassin
  • Mail Forward
  • Fantastic New!!
  • Hotlink Protection!
  • Custom Error pages
  • Redirect URL
  • web based ftp
  • Interchange shopping cart
  • Agora shopping cart
  • Instant eCommerce
  • Web statistics
  • Raw log Access
  • Web Mail
  • E-mail alias
  • Instant Forum
  • Instant Guestbook
  • Instant Counter
  • Instant Form mail

Why Choosing Us ?


RamaHost has many web hosting packages to suit your requirements to host your website. We are specialized in Linux platform servers using the most recent technology software to run and operate our dedicated servers. We provide a range of highly reliable web hosting services which constitutes required infrastructure and technical expertise.

RamaHost have been established since March 2003 in Alexandria, Egypt. RamaHost is a full service web solution company providing professional web solution services for small and medium sized businesses world wide. We offer a wide range of plans to suit your hosting needs.

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24/7 expert support

Our in-house, expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions, get you started, and grow your presence online. You can call, chat or email us any time!

Website Life Cycle


Steps 1 :Gathering Information

This stage, the stage of discovering and researching, determines how the subsequent steps will look like. The most important task at this point is to get the clear understanding of your future website purposes, the main goals you wish to get, and the target audience you want to attract to your site.Such kind of a website development questionnaire helps to develop the best strategy for further project management.

Different types of websites provide visitors with different functionality which means that different technologies should be used according to the purposes.

Step 2 :Planning: Sitemap

At this stage of website development cycle, the developer creates the data that can give to a customer an opportunity to judge how the entire site will look like.The sitemap should describe the relations between the main areas of your website. Such representation could help understand how usable the final product will be.

Step 3 :Design: Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle

During the design phase, your website takes shape. All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is created at this step. Once again, all the info that was gathered through the first phase is crucial. The customer and target audience must be kept in mind while you work on a design.

Step 4 :Coding

At this step, you can finally start creating the website itself. Graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages should be used to create an actual website. Usually, the home page is created first, and then all sub-pages are added, according to the website hierarchy that was previously created in the form of a sitemap. Frameworks and CMS should be implemented to make sure that server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly.

Step 5:Testing, Review

Testing is probably the most routine part of a process. Every single link should be tested to make sure that there are no broken ones among them. You should check every form, every script, run a spell-checking software to find possible typos. Use code validators to check if your code follows the current web standards. Valid code is necessary, for example, if cross-browser compatibility is important for you.

Step 6:Maintenance: Opinion Monitoring and Regular Updating

What’s important to remember is that a website is more a service than a product. It’s not enough to “deliver” a website to a user. You should also make sure that everything works fine, and everybody is satisfied and always be prepared to make changes in another case.

Feedback system added to the site will allow you to detect possible problems the end-users face. The highest priority task in this case is to fix the problem as fast as you can. If you won’t, you may find one day that your users prefer to use another website rather than put up with the inconvenience.


Domain Naming


As a business or organisation it is important to register domain names in order to protect company names, trademarks, brand names, etc. Commercially the right domain names will help improve the profile of your business and ensure you strengthen your identity on the Internet.

Domain names can also be associated with individuals. Combined with one of our hosting packages your domain name could be used to display online portfolios or CV.s, web blogs, photo galleries and much more.

useful tips to use when searching for domain names

  • Try to keep the name short and descriptive .
  • Identify keywords that describe your business or interest to help create a useful name.
  • Try hyphenating (-) your keywords.
  • Consider the singular and plural forms of the domain name.
  • Search for generic words associated with your business or products e.g.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to a keyword e.g. .e-. or .guide.
  • If a domain you like is available, register it straight away. If you don't, you may be disappointed.

Administrative and Additional Services

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Setup Fee Free
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Name server Change Free
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